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Diagnosed at the age of 46, in July 2009 with stage IIc ovarian cancer , following a total hysterectomy and oopherectomy and having completed six cycles of chemotherapy, life now has to return to normality!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Life and all the other stuff

I'm feeling a tad fed up today.  I'm having a really bad time at work and am having to seek some proper advice which really sucks.  I'd love to go for a hair cut ha ha - I'm so fed up with not feeling good about my hair.  I know it's so much better than not having any and I am glad for what I have but my patience is running thin today and I'm just sitting on the pity pot, having a wallow.  At 2 o'clock I'm going to put on some slap and go out for a walk and enjoy this sunny afternoon.  Who knows it might just cheer me up enough to make a chocolate cake for my darling children.


  1. Stop in the pub on the way. Sit outside and have a little glass of something you like. Watch everyone else - notice...lots of people have really short hair. And they like it!! heh heh. We just don't like it because we HAVE to have it. But it'll soon shoot up like a weed don't worry.

    It can help sometimes to remember that you are getting better now - the fact that petty people are spoiling that really does suck, because they don't understand what you've been through and how hard it is to regain ones confidence. Bah.

    I hope your day improves - I'd say definitely make CAKE!! Hug

  2. Big hugs back to you! Chocolate is made - yummy scrummy pudding for tonite! I do feel better now - amazing how a bit of exercise cheers me up. xx